WOH’s Secret Mix 100% Organic Detox & Slimming Tea



A Complete Mind And Body Transformation 

Introducing 25-30 Days Serving Power Plan to Detox Your System With Our Miracle Sip Solution!

Combat the Fat, and Rebuild Your Mind and Body with the all new 100% Organic Detox and Slimming Tea by WOH!

HOW is this different you ask❓ Well there is an interesting History behind this. Founded and created back in 2011 by one of the WOH’s directors @Sherrych7 who was Suffering With
Excessive Weight (122 kgs)
Face Full Of Acne/Pimples
Very Poor Metabolism
Fair to say this WOH Detox Tea formula did wonders for him and for thousands of customers through out the years – feedbacks also posted on our Instagram @wonders.of.heaven


🌟Burns Fat
🌟Helps Relieve Anxiety/Depression/Stress
🌟Glows Up Your Skin
🌟Helps Control Hunger
🌟Fights Premature Skin Ageing
🌟Pure Anti Acne Solution
🌟Helps Relieve Constipation
🌟Helps Control Sugar Craving
🌟Boosts Metabolism

Suitable For

LITERALLY Everyone Who Dreams Stress Free Mind, Flawless Skin & Ideal Body Shape!

How to use

For Fat Burn = Ideal Timing : After You Wake Up (Empty Stomach) & Before You Sleep (After Dinner)

For Other Purposes = Anytime

1) Take 1.5 Cup Of Water In A Sauce-pan
2) Add 1 / 1.5 Table Spoon Of WOH Tea & Let It Boil
3) As Soon As Bubbles Appear, take it off after 20 to 30 seconds (Takes 3 to 5 mins in total)
4) Enjoy The Sip Of Heaven




Lemon grass

Fennel seeds



Ginger powder

Imported bamboo leaf

Organic amla fruit

Lotus leaf

Our secret organic herbs

No chemicals!

MAIN FAQ : Is this tea ONLY for weight loss? NO! not at all. This is a 100% natural complete body Detox solution suitable for Every age and gender.

7 reviews for WOH’s Secret Mix 100% Organic Detox & Slimming Tea

  1. Khadija Shah

    I have been using this tea since a year now and yaar Kamaaal cheez hai 😍 ek star less kr rhy hoon kyunke delivery aksr late hojati

  2. Mehwish Hayat

    This is a product I would highly recommend. I started drinking it when I was on a weight loss kick but I noticed a difference immediately. After 2 months of drinking the tea, I have lost 25 pounds and I no longer crave unhealthy foods. My skin is glowing and my acne has cleared up.

  3. Sharjeel Khan

    The WOH tea is a very healthy and refreshing tea that I have been drinking for many years now. This tea helps control my appetite so that I do not over eat, and this tea has helped me lose weight and maintain it as well.

  4. Hamza Sheikh

    Yaaar!! Used it for 16 days and kasam syy I am shocked! Purchased this particularly for fat loss and I wont talk numbers lekin prominent behtari nazar aarhy. Best part it’s all natural! Just taking away 1 star due to late delivery 😀 cheers!

  5. Siraj Ali

    Placing my third order and this time for 8 packs because even my mom is addicted to it!! You guys are amazing

  6. Ayesha Ijaz

    This is MAGIC!! Can’t believe to burn 7 kgs in 1.5 weeks without gym and strict diet. Also i feel so fresh 😍

  7. Shahroze Ch

    This is a miracle tea I tell you. Lost 6 kgs in 2 weeks and my skin feels much healthier 🥰

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