WOH’s Secret Mix 100% Organic Detox & Slimming Tea



Introducing The Two-Week Power Plan to Detox Your System With Our Miracle Sip Solution!

Combat the Fat, and Rebuild Your Mind and Body with the all new 100% Organic Detox and Slimming Tea

HOW is this different you ask❓ Well there is an interesting History behind this. Founded and created back in 2011 by one of the WOH’s directors @Sherrych7 who was Suffering With
Excessive Weight (122 kgs)
Face Full Of Acne/Pimples
Very Poor Metabolism
Ultimately Excessive Stress

Want to check Before&After? Just Swipe Right In Gallery Images And See The Magic!! Photo Quality Of Before Is Not The Best Since It Was Captured Back in 2009 –  But a clear illustration of transformation can be seen without a doubt

🌟100% Organic
🌟Ultra Fat Burner / Weight Loss
🌟Glows Up Your Skin
🌟Helps Control Hunger
🌟Fights Premature Skin Ageing
🌟Pure Anti Acne Solution
🌟Helps Relieve Stress
🌟Helps Relieve Constipation
🌟Helps Control Sugar Craving
🌟Boosts Metabolism

Suitable For

LITERALLY Everyone Who Dreams Stress Free Mind, Flawless Skin & Ideal Body Shape!

How to use

For Fat Burn = Ideal Timing : After You Wake Up (Empty Stomach) & Before You Sleep (After Dinner)

For Other Purposes = Anytime

1) Take 1.5 Cup Of Water In A Sauce-pan
2) Add 1 / 1.5 Table Spoon Of WOH Tea & Let It Boil
3) As Soon As Bubbles Appear, take it off after 20 to 30 seconds (Takes 3 to 5 mins in total)
4) Enjoy The Sip Of Heaven




Lemon grass

Fennel seeds



Ginger powder

Imported bamboo leaf

Organic amla fruit

Lotus leaf

Our secret organic herb

No chemicals!

6 reviews for WOH’s Secret Mix 100% Organic Detox & Slimming Tea

  1. Mehwish Hayat

    This is a product I would highly recommend. I started drinking it when I was on a weight loss kick but I noticed a difference immediately. After 2 months of drinking the tea, I have lost 25 pounds and I no longer crave unhealthy foods. My skin is glowing and my acne has cleared up.

  2. Sharjeel Khan

    The WOH tea is a very healthy and refreshing tea that I have been drinking for many years now. This tea helps control my appetite so that I do not over eat, and this tea has helped me lose weight and maintain it as well.

  3. Hamza Sheikh

    Yaaar!! Used it for 16 days and kasam syy I am shocked! Purchased this particularly for fat loss and I wont talk numbers lekin prominent behtari nazar aarhy. Best part it’s all natural! Just taking away 1 star due to late delivery 😀 cheers!

  4. Siraj Ali

    Placing my third order and this time for 8 packs because even my mom is addicted to it!! You guys are amazing

  5. Ayesha Ijaz

    This is MAGIC!! Can’t believe to burn 7 kgs in 1.5 weeks without gym and strict diet. Also i feel so fresh 😍

  6. Shahroze Ch

    This is a miracle tea I tell you. Lost 6 kgs in 2 weeks and my skin feels much healthier 🥰

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