Wonders of Heaven is your direct source for all the Organic Care you need for your Hair, Skin & Body Care. Packed with 100% Pure Ingredients and vital proteins, we have a selected range of products made with special care to provide effective solutions for all your Hair, Skin & Body Shape Problems.

With free 24/7 expert consultation contact us today to learn the science behind to switching to all organic diet for the best results on your hair, skin & body. If you need special attention on any of your problem drop us a message and we’ll be available with a customized solution best fit for your need.

Hair, Skin & Mind – 100% Organic Regime by Wonders of Heaven


The tranquillity of nature and wondrous mix of 100% organic and pure ingredients is what we at Wonders of Heaven are all about. Presenting the complete hair care regime built to treat all hair problems with our single powerful solutions. Wonders of Heaven (WOH) is the house of organic hair care products and accessories. Join us at WOH Family and lets celebrate growing & glowing hair together.


Our philosophy

Wonders of Heaven is dedicated to empowering Hair Care the organic way. Using pure 100% organic ingredients and powerful vitamin serums we have developed the magical solution for all your scalp hair problems in one single solution. All Ingredients are Grown, Harvested and Processed in Pakistan while the final mixture is made in a careful controlled hygienic environment – Because your hair, we care.

What We Use?

1- Coconut Oil for Nourishment
2- Almond Oil to Soften&Strengthen
3- Olive Oil for fighting Dandruff
4- Castor Oil for Moisturizing
5- Aloevera For Soothing the Scalp
6- Lavender Oil for Extra Shine
7- Mustard Oil For Volume
8- Amla Retha for Regrowth
9- Tea Tree oil for Hair Health
10- Our Secret Ingredient

How We Use It?

Careful Selection, Balanced Mixtures & Stirred, Heated to Perfect Color Blend of Vitamins and Organic Proteins Vital for your Hair Growth, Shine & Complete Revival

Why Organic?

By using organic hair products, you eliminate the unnecessary chemical intake that can be harmful to your body. These products will lead to healthier hair and a healthier body. There is really no simpler way to put it; products that use chemicals are unhealthy and organic products are healthy

Why Switch to Natural

An organic product means that all the ingredients are grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, sewage sludge, ionising radiation or genetically modified organisms. Organic hair products are therefore free of all the nasties! It is important to bear in mind that the scalp is a part of your skin; the largest organ in your body. What we put on our hair and scalp gets absorbed into our bloodstream. Be mindful of what you and your clients are putting on your hair and scalp!

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