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Wonders of Heaven is dedicated to empowering Self Care the organic way. Using pure 100% organic ingredients and powerful vitamins we have developed the magical solution for all your Hair, Mind, Skin & Body problems. All Ingredients are Grown, Harvested and Processed in Pakistan while the final mixture is made in a careful controlled hygienic environment – Because your mind, body & hair, we care!

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An organic product means that all the ingredients are grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, sewage sludge, ionising radiation or genetically modified organisms. Organic self care products are therefore free of all the nasties! We are very mindful of what our clients are putting on their scalp or consuming as tea

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With free 24/7 expert consultation contact us today to learn the science behind to switching to all organic for the best results on your hair, skin & body. If you need special attention on any of your problem drop us a message and we’ll be available with a customized solution best fit for your need.

Hair, Skin, Body & Mind – 100% Organic Regime by Wonders of Heaven

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Wonders of Heaven is your direct source for all the Organic Care you need for your Hair, Skin & Body. Packed with 100% Pure Ingredients Tried & Tested, we have a selected range of products made with special care to provide effective solutions for all your Hair, Skin & Body Shape Problems.

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