Grow&Glow (100ml) 100% Organic Hair Oil



Grow&Glow (100ml) 100% Organic Hair Oil

Wonders of Heaven is dedicated to empowering Hair Care the organic way. Using pure 100% organic ingredients and powerful vitamin serums we have developed the magical solution for all your scalp hair problems in one single solution. We call it Grow & Glow – All Ingredients are Grown, Harvested and Processed carefully while the final mixture is made in a careful controlled hygienic environment – Because Your hair, We care!

Made with:
1- Coconut Oil for Nourishment
2- Almond Oil to Soften&Strengthen
3- Olive Oil for fighting Dandruff
4- Castor Oil for Moisturizing
5- Aloevera For Soothing the Scalp
6- Lavender Oil for Extra Shine
7- Mustard Oil For Volume
8- Amla Retha for Regrowth
9- Tea Tree oil for Hair Health
10- Our Secret Ingredient πŸ˜‰

Apply At Least Thrice A Week For 2-4 Hours Or Even Over Night To Witness True Wonders #2WeekChallenge

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Only Hair Oil Bottle, With Aesthetic Hair Scrunchie, With Frizz Free Wooden Comb

14 reviews for Grow&Glow (100ml) 100% Organic Hair Oil

  1. Hira Yousaf

    I love the smell of coconut oil, it is just so delicious smelling. I also like how it gives me a beautiful shine and healthy glow in my hair. However, coconut oil is not only for hair but also for the skin. I really like this shampoo because it is made with the most organic products and is suitable for my hair as well as my skin.

  2. Arooba Khalid

    I am quite impressed by this product, it’s like a wonder of heaven for my hair. I have seen many different reviews on this product. They all were positive but not like this one, it really works, I feel much more healthy and strong after using it. I am so pleased by this product, I will never use another shampoo for my hair again.

  3. Basim Mughal

    This product was really easy to apply to my hair. I applied this every night and woke up to an amazing head of hair. It really helped restore the volume to my hair and I loved the smell of the product.

  4. Raheyma Rauf

    Dropping in my feedback after 2 weeks of use. This hair oil has helped me overcome most of my biggest hair problems but I’m just super relieved with how my hair fall has gone down by a drastic amount. Hair oil works wonder can’t wait to try your shampoo now.

  5. Kinza

    apkay hair oil kamaal ka haai mai kuch dino sa isay use kr raha hoon meray baal mai dandruff khatam hogaya aur ab pehlay sa zyadah soFt hoogaye hain…. I love wonders of heaven

  6. Umer Chaudhary

    2 months hair oil use karne k bad giving you honest review i must say hair mae bohhtt shine ata hae silky smooth itne zada hoty haen πŸ₯° hair fall & dandruff 95% end h 🀟🏻 at the end i say your shampoo and oil is magic πŸͺ„

  7. Sehrish Amir

    so my feedback of using after 2 weeks my hair are now soft and frizz free and dandruff also reduced I hope my hairfall also decreases its getting better but was wishing its gone completely πŸ™ thankyou for your best hair oil product

  8. Yusra Jehangir

    mere baalon ka maslay kaafi behtar hogaye iskay istemaal sa. buhat shukria is product ka liye.

  9. Mo Ahmed

    I won’t lie. I’ve read a lot of good reviews on this product but was still doubtful that it would work. I’m 24 years old, and I’m losing more hair than I should be where you can start seeing my scalp around the front area, due to stress. I decided to give this product a go and try it out for a month to see any results. My God. Not only has my hair been falling out less and less, but it’s starting to grow back. Plus the oil smells so amazing and makes my hair feel healthy and nice.

  10. Zohra A

    buhat zabardast product hai mere baal ab pehla sa buhat behtar hogaye thankyou woh

  11. Ramsha

    Love this hair oil! I’ve tried many different hair oils and have not been fully satisfied with any of them, but after trying this one I can tell I’ll be using it for the long run. It smellls great my hair looks so healthy😍

  12. Anjali

    My favourite hair oil πŸ₯°

  13. Malaika

    I had severe hairfall but after using your grow and glow hair oil for two weeks my hairfall has completely stopped and also my hair looks so shiny and smooth 😍😍

  14. Akbar Ahmed

    I received my parcel today. Hair oil is amazing!!! ❀️

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